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When I was a kid I remember going to the Providence Civic center for a circus or even the IceCapades. I also remember those cheap hand held toys that would make noise and lights and sounds when you pushed a button. We never got me one of those and with kid logic I thought I was missing out on something great. Now I know that it wouldn’t have been in my best interest to have had one of those throw away pieces of junk.

Back then it is very easy to get tickets, you’d go to the event and buy your ticket. We didn’t have ticket agencies online so that we could reserve the tickets well in advance. You could call for tickets but it just wasn’t as busy as it is now. Things like the IceCapades back then didn’t sell out. Not like today with super tours like High School Musical. That is such a huge phenomenon that you better get High School Musical tickets online because that is most likely your best bet. I hear that this is a huge thing and I know my cousins are into the movie and would probably like the ice show as well.

But to me, it isn’t about what you go see that is important. It is that you go out and see it with your kids. You spend time answering their questions and letting them explore and learn. Yesterday, Allison and I went Apple Picking with our friends Amy and Ryan and their son Mason. I took a bunch of photos yesterday and I think Mason had more fun playing with my tripod than anything else. He was so excited to learn about what it did. Just the simple event of going out picking apples and spending time with his parents was what mattered. I can’t wait to take our child to places like Shelburne Farms so that they can discover joyful things in a simple day.

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