Photo-A-Day #1865

I know that I probably have the worst naming convention for titles of my blog posts/photos. Some days I name the photo and other days I name the post. Today I figured I’d make a play on that expression of some days you are the windshield and some days you are the bug. Now that I’ve explained my joke I’ve blown the lid off the fourth wall.

Today I stepped a little outside my regular M.O. and shot with a higher aperture. When I arrived in Canandaigua, NY I took a walk to the pier and saw that there was a jetty off in the water that was covered with a ton of seagulls. I liked how they looked flying around and hopping on and off the rocks. It looked like such a scattered crazy scene that I had to capture it. This photo is actually a tight crop of the original photo. I also liked the colors, very drab with so little actual color. Maybe a few rocks were a little reddish brown than the others.

Photo Information

Date Taken: May 17, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/400sec
Aperture: 13.0
Focal Length: 250mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Aperture
Lens: Sigma 18-250mm

The flights today weren’t too bad. I thought that I was going to miss my connection at La Guardia because there was such a quick turnaround. But I needn’t worry because I had plenty of time (5 minutes). On the flights I spent most of my time sleeping but when I was not sleeping I was reading more of Seth Godin’s book Linchpin. I am enjoying it. So, I’m going to ship and post this right now.

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12 Responses to “And Some Days You’re the Rock”

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  2. Grandfather says:

    I like your take on the sea gulls on the rocks and the bug and the windshield. Some days it sure does feel like your the rock. Hopefully you don’t have one of those days today.Have a good day and safe travels.

    • Drew says:

      Thanks Dad,
      Luckily I wasn’t actually having that sort of day. I thought of the title for it because of what I saw.

  3. Andy says:

    The rock is far more permanent than the sea gull. The rock will probably be there for hundreds of years while the sea gull only exists in a brief glimmer of time when viewed against the arch of the rocks existance.
    .-= Look at what Andy wrote blog ..Guacamole kit incident =-.

    • Drew says:


      That is a nice way to think about it too. The cynic in me also says that as gulls come and go they will continue to shit on the rock. 🙂

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Drew,

    I just stoped by to say Hi. I hadn’t been by in a while. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person at the M3 confrence here in Atlanta and I’m somewhat hopeful to get to Affiliate Summit but it’s a long shot at this point. Anyway glad to see all is well.

    .-= Look at what Kevin wrote blog ..Countdown 2 weeks =-.

    • Drew says:


      Thanks for the visit. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person as well. That will be a great time. I hope also that you can get to Affiliate Summit, that would be fun.

  5. Deborah says:

    I rather think the title is perfect. Not only for the photo but it describes you. You’re certainly a rock for you family.
    .-= Look at what Deborah wrote blog ..ALL CLEAR: FeedMedic Alert for Babasfarmlife =-.

  6. Melechesh says:

    Hi, I am also looking forward to meet you in person at the M3 conference it Atlanta

  7. Tattoo Ideas says:

    I love seagulls and the sound that they making when they fly hight in the large group. My parents had a house near the sea and every time I’m there I can enjoy the fresh sea air and the sound of birds.

    • Drew says:


      Thanks for the comment. The sounds of seagulls always makes me think of the dump since we call them dump ducks. And that is even though we have a place across from the beach and see the gulls at the beach too.

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