And the winners are…

BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest is over. In one of the most complicated contests I could devise I had some real die hards playing the game. Comments coming in at all hours and some super posts were written by the contest participants. I have so appreciated the time and effort that everyone put into this contest. You really all did a great job. I unfortunately cannot give you all 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize but I will do something special for the folks who got about 5 points. So, you wanna know who won???

Mo came out on top after a spectacular display of commenting like crazy. Mo looked back over the week that was and posted comments on all photo platforms, other participants blog and on The BenSpark. Her final score added up to 2100 out of a possible 2625 points. Mo went all out and for her trouble and effort she wins her choice of a year of a Flickr Pro or Zooomr Pro account and $25.00 to spend at Kodak Gallery. Way to Go Mo!

Lisa came in 2nd place not to far behind Mo. Lisa’s final score added up to 1975. She gave it her all as well and kept on commenting despite major storms and an in home flood. What a contender. Lisa wins a 2 year subscription to PCPhoto Magazine.

Christine walks away with a $10.00 Kodak Gallery gift certificate with her 3rd place victory. Christine’s final score added up to 790 points.

I’ll be contacting each of the winners via e-mail to arrange the delivery of prizes. Thanks to everyone for their participation this past month. The contest proved to me to be a real success and a lot of fun. I can finally put away my Excel Spreadsheet. I no longer have to count and keep track of many things. I can sleep without numbers rattling around in my head. Believe me I had so much fun doing this and I hope that you did too. I hope you found some new blogs to read and new people to converse with. That was also an intention of this contest.

BenSpark’s August Add it Up Contest Final Standings
Updated 8:00pm EST 08/29/07
Player Points
Mo 2100
Lisa 1975
Christine 790
MeeYauw 500
AVCr8teur 410
BIG Scott 175
Kukuh 140
Sue 120
Elizabeth 80
Spanish Joe 60
HomeMom3 55
Laurie 35
Enrico 30
Marsha 5
Jennifer 5
Joana 5
xerendipity 5

On September 1st a new contest will begin. Hope to see you all playing that one as well. But for that one you are going to need an XShot. Use my promo code of SPARK0907 that gets you an XShot for $19.95 ($5.00 off the retail price) and participate in my September XShot contest.

And there is going to be a simple bonus one day contest on September 19th. More details will be forthcoming as the date draws nearer.

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14 thoughts on “And the winners are…”

  1. Thanks, Drew!!! This contest made my day most every day this month! It was a lot of fun to be able to see your excellent photographs and meet some new blogging buddies!!

  2. Lisa,
    Thanks so much for making the race for first place such a tight and exciting one. You did awesome. I hope you enjoy the magazine, it is packed with great photography tips.

  3. Congrats to the winners! that was a complicated one and they deserve the winnings!

    I see you are back from your trip? I have yet to catch up on your photos, but I will. Since I’ve gone back to work, NOTHING is getting done here.

  4. Thanks Meeyauw. I will be writing up a post about your PAD blog, I am so glad that you are doing that now. I’m glad to see so many photos that you’ve been taking, they have been great. I also appreciated all the comments from the past month They have been very inspirational and helpful.

  5. This one was certainly fun for me. I loved all the comments each day and seeing what everyone had to say. I’m looking forward to the photos that will be coming in next month.

  6. Congrats to Mo πŸ˜‰ well done!!! you are the queen of this contest.
    and also to Lisa and Christine…congratulation to you both
    Thanks Drew for the mention on the list of your contest entries..its been fun to get along with everyone… πŸ™‚

  7. Hey Mike,
    I have to get the list of my friends who are on your great blog, I’ll be voting for them next month. I am looking forward to Mo’s interview too.

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