Andrew Wants A Dog

Andrew Wants A Dog
Photo-A-Day #4722

I think it is very obvious that Andrew would like a dog. He did a lot of drawings today and showed me all of them at dinner. This one stood out because it shows him in the house with a dog on a leash. He also gave the kid in the picture (I think it is him) has long hair, which is funny because he just got his hair cut the other night. The top is long but the back is short. He looks sharp.


I went and picked up a headblade. I am going bald and to me it is not graceful. There is a big wide swath in the middle and my head looks good when I have it cut super short. If I shave it then I’ll keep it nice and short all the time. The family doesn’t want me to do it. But eventually I’m going to have to go ahead and shave it all off.

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