Andrew’s First Birthday Party

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Today was Andrew’s First Birthday Party. His actual birthday is on Thanksgiving day so we are a little early. Friends and family came to celebrate with us. Andrew was looking all dapper in his Argyle sweater vest and fancy shoes. We made sure to cover him up when he ate his dinner and his cake though.

Allison baked him a special “Smash Cake”. I guess that this is the big thing right now. Even the cake that we ordered from BJs could be made into a smaller “Smash Cake” for Andrew. Allison picked out a very cute design for Andrew’s actual cake (that we could eat, Allison made him one that was milk allergen free).

Andrew's Cake

Allison also did everything else for the party, coordinated the meal (made 180 meatballs), made and sent invitations and got everything ready for the party including making cupcakes and Andrew’s special Teddy Bear “Smash Cake”.

Andrew's SMASH Cake

When she cake the cake to Andrew he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. He touched it and got chocolate on his hands, he licked his fingers, liked it and went back for more. He systematically ate all the candy pieces off the bear and then all of the frosting he could muster. He didn’t smash it to pieces like I suspected he could, rather he tentatively tried it and eventually covered himself with the chocolate frosting. We did not strip him down to his diaper like we did when Eva had her first cake. Andrew got a covering and he was pretty good about not getting his clothes dirty until after eating the cake and spitting up some chocolate right onto his sweater. Good thing we took pictures before that.

the De-Evolution of cake at a 1 year old's birthday party.

It was a very nice party and I wish I could have stayed longer but I was running off to work. We did get a nice one with my grandparents.

Andrew with his Great-Grandparents

I think it is time for a new camera body. This one is running super slowly and I’m not catching shots like I used to even with High ISO and extra light, the speed is lagging. I’ve got to figure out what is going on with it. I missed a lot of good shots and got blurry ones which should have looked a lot better.

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