Photo-A-Day #2569

Today we had a leisurely day around Mimi and Grandpa Dano’s. We hung around for the morning and after lunch took the kids over to the pool. Eva spent the whole time in the water, when she wasn’t getting out to jump back in and even Andrew got his first dip in the pool. I used my Kodak PlaySport camera to take some pictures and video of the kids in the pool. I think that Eva would spend the whole day in the water if she could.

For dinner we were treated to a guest in the form of, Mr. Stephen. Mr. Stephen works with Grandpa Dano and he’s from Australia. We talked about books, movies, comic books and TV. Mimi says that there is not a person that he could not talk to. It was nice to see him again. Eva, ever the precocious little one went right up to him and said that he was silly. He asked why and she said that it was because he said “Poe – Tay – Toes.” And he said, “So, it is not because I say Toe – May – Toes?” She said, “Oh yes, that is silly too!”

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One Response to “Andrew’s First Dip in the Pool”

  1. rose says:

    My daughter loves water too. We always go at least once a week.

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