Annual Company Picnic 2013

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Today was the annual company picnic. That magical day each year where we eat Fried Dough for breakfast play all sorts of games and go on rides and then have a lobster feast at lunch. Along the way we see friends and have a very fun time. There are so many things to do at the company picnic and both kids even get gifts for attending. We got a stuffed spotted piggie and a blue backpack. Hopefully the kids will share that piggie nicely.

there are many rides and while Eva can go on most of them, Andrew is still too small. He did enjoy the Potato Sack Slide with me.

A big thing about the picnic is the food. There are all sorts of food options available. From Hot Dogs to Lobster, Ribs, Chicken Tenders and Burgers to Fruit and ice cream. We did a bunch of games first and got the prizes as well as panned for rocks and other items. then we set up for lunch. We actually had a decent system this year. We picked up fruit for the kids and got our seat. Then I went and got chowder and mussels and corn for us to eat. then another trip to get burgers and dogs and fries. We at that and then Eva had to make a bathroom run so on the way back I picked up our lobsters.

Lobster Feast

I sign all of us up for Lobster each year and I sit there cracking them open and putting the meat into the butter. Allison has her one two claws and I eat the rest. Three lobsters was so good.

After lunch we walked over to where the pony rides and petting zoo were. Eva went on a couple of rides around the pony track and loved it.

Pony Rides

After that we went to a small spot that had lawn bowling. Big inflatable bowling pins and a giant soft ball. The kids took turns jumping ont he ball and on each other.


There was a giant sized sandcastle that some professional sand castle artists made. It took them a week and it was so detailed and fun. It was set up so that you could have photos taken with it and so we had a family photo taken.

Family Photo by the Sandcastle

The guy taking the photo even made sure that the pirate ship was in the background.

We didn’t make it onto the pirate ship this year. I was a little surprised at that. I thought that Eva would really want to go but she didn’t express much interest. She did want to go on the bungee trampoline jump but the line for that was too long. So, we opted for some Italian Ice and Ice Cream instead. Then we did a couple more rides and headed for home. Andrew finally passed out in his stroller. I think this photo pretty much summed up the feelings for the day.

Knocked Out Little Boy

It was a wonderful day and one of the best picnics ever.

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