Annual Company Picnic

Today was the Annual Company picnic. Allison and I got there at 10:00am and went right to the Fried Dough. Once a year we have Fried Dough for breakfast, it is a tradition.

The horse track at Maresfield Farm gets converted into a carnival and giant food tent for two days each August. It is a great picnic and so much fun for the children of the employees as well as fun for the employees themselves. After breakfast and touring all around the grounds we showed up for our stint as photographers for the children’s photo door hangers. I would take the photos and Allison would greet the children and their parents and try and get the kids to smile. We did this for about 2 hours and then it was Lobsta time! Each year I put in for two lobsters, I crack em open and take out all the goodness and drop the meat in the butter, Allison has never shelled her own lobster, ever. Its a dirty job and my duty. So after the lobster was shelled I went and got some clam chowder and some wings and a hot dog plus a couple of sodas. Now we were ready for a feast.

We chowed down and then met up with my friend Peter and Betsy, we also sat with David and his wife Karen. We chatted for a while and let lunch settle. Then we got ourselves a couple of ice cream sundaes. Brigham’s ice cream, so good.

We headed out around 3:00 and made our way to the cape. Got here around 4:00 and hit the beach by 4:10, unfortunately it was really windy and foggy, but we went in anyway.

Here’s some pictures from today.

Fried Dough for Breakfast!

Fun and Games!

Cute little Kid.

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