Another IZEA Guest post…

I have written another IZEA Guest post, a long rambling thing about what you say and do not say on your blogs. Do you invite comments, controversy or drama. That is what the post is about. I want to know what you think of the post, please leave a comment on it at Oops, I’ve said too much….

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4 thoughts on “Another IZEA Guest post…”

  1. dude your theme is all broken

    I had to scroll down soo much to find this box to type in

    you need to remove the fixed width tag of this theme…then I think it will work fine

    right now the middle section flows down below the right side bar


  2. Chica,
    That is okay Bouncer has been bouncing from post to post, posting weird stuff trying to get some linkage for a bounce house site. I’ve not had any complaints in a while. And thanks for commenting I appreciate that you go and comment on my stuff all the time. That is really nice of you to do that.

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