App Alert: Mickey Mouse Mash-Up

Mickey Mouse Mash Up

We received a download code to check out the app Mickey Mash-Up and review it. Opinions are 100% my own.

I have really been enjoying the new Mickey Mouse cartoons that have come out in the past few months. Now, one of them, “No Service” is part of an app called Mickey Mouse Mash-Up. In the App, users get to help Mickey Mouse in his adventure. You can play by drawing object to help Mickey, move the iPad around to help Mickey also. You can also lend your voice to create sound effects. There are so many ways that players can use the features of the iPad.

Mickey Mouse Mash Up

In Mickey Mouse Mash-Up, kids can follow along with Mickey Mouse in an adventure involving their own personally drawn character! Mickey and your creation will travel through cities, visit new places and experience incredible journeys, while encountering hi-jinx and hilarious events along the way. Additional features include:

  • Actual clips from the short “No Service!” – as seen on Disney Channel
  • Narration by Mickey Mouse himself!
  • Learn to draw objects from Mickey’s world and help him get through the story
  • Make a gallery of your own Mickey drawings

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