App Alert: Time to Play Magazine’s Shop for Kids

I just learned about the new Time to Play Shop for Kids App. This app shows you the hottest toys out there as determined by Time to Play Magazine, an online site that reviews hundreds of toys every year. They also hold an amazing Holiday Toy showcase each Fall and I’m headed there next week.

The app allows you to search for great toys and game and price comparison shop right on the app. Is the price better at KMart, Target or See it all in one shot. There are many features that I like about the app and one I absolutely hate. Time to Play Magazine is obviously making money when someone clicks through to buy a toy, that is cool, I don’t mind that at all. But why throw in drop down ads throughout the app for things like an app to watch TV shows. That is another money making option when you create an app and frankly I hate it, it looks terrible and cheap. Get rid of it and have this app purely be something that recommends toys.

The apps strength lies not only in the price comparison but also in the reviews that Time to Play has done for so many toys. For many toys there is a video review right on the page about the toy plus the written review from time to Play. That is very helpful when you are trying to find the right toy for your children.

Here is the official word on the app.

The ‘Shop for Kids’ App, a free mobile app for iOS and Android, is designed to simplify the experience of searching for and buying children’s products. Not only does the app offer thousands of in-depth expert reviews of the latest toys, video games, baby products, sporting goods, children’s books, movies, and apps with a simple scan of the product’s UPC code – but it also features a live price comparison tool which shows the online price and availability of a product at Wal-Mart, Toys“R”Us, Target, Amazon, and Kmart.

The Shop for Kids app by is now available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. For more information or to download the app, visit

Here are other additional features of the app.


  • Simply scan the product’s UPC code or type into the search bar to access the database to view:
    • Complete product profile – what it is, why it’s fun, who it’s for, and what to be aware of
    • Video review – independent editorial review of the product complete with a demonstration of how it works and pros and cons
    • Editor’s Ranking – based on the product category each item is rated 1-5 stars on several important factors including fun, repeat play, assembly and instructions, learning curve, quality, and more


  • View real-time, online price and availability of a product at major retailers: Wal-Mart, Toys“R”Us, Target, Amazon, Kmart
  • Click through to purchase immediately on retailers’ sites


  • Explore the database with thousands of reviews, including toys, baby products, video games, sporting goods, kids electronics, children’s books, movies and apps, and more
  • Search the database using filters for gender, age, type of product and price range


  • Add children’s birthdays to the user profile to receive personalized alerts when birthdays are near


  • Bookmark favorite products
  • Share products via Facebook, Twitter, email or text message


  • One click entry into the Daily Giveaway sweepstakes

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