App Review: Disney’s Minnie Mouse’s Bow Maker

Minnie Mouse's Bow Maker

I was given the Disney’s Minnie Mouse’s Bow Maker app to try out and review. I downloaded the app and Eva immediately discovered it. She’s been enjoying the stories about Minnie Mouse and her Bow Maker shop on Disney Channel and she took right to this app. The app is pretty cute and fun for a little kid to play with. There are three parts to the app. There is the Bow Maker, the Stories and the Runway (The Big Bow Show). The stories and the Big Bow Show tie together in that the child has to have read the stories before certain characters can be unlocked in the big bow show.

Select your Story

Fans of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will enjoy the animation of this app. Each story is animated and the voices of the characters are those of the tv show. That consistency is important for kids because they are going to enjoy the app more if they hear familiar voices of their favorite characters. The shorts about Minnie’s bow shop feature not only Minnie and Daisy but Minnie’s nieces Melody and Millie and Cuckoo the bird. Each of these characters are also in this app. There are stories about each of them with Minnie in each story as well.

Game play of the app was pretty simple. Kids can make their own unique bow designs and then choose if Minnie will wear them or if the child will wear them. If you choose to have the child wear the bow you can decide if you are going to take a photo or use and existing photo.

Once you are done reading stories and making bows you can play on the Runway and let the characters model their bows for you. You can tilt your device for different camera angles.

The Runway

In this new app created by Disney Publishing, kids become Minnie’s personal fashion assistant and help create customized bows using her very special Bow-Maker.

App features include:

  • Three all-new stories featuring familiar characters including, Daisy, Cuckoo Loca and Minnie’s nieces.
  • A chance to become Minnie’s personal fashion assistant.
  • Opportunities to customize and create the perfect bow for Minnie by changing colors, patterns, and textures on her very special Bow-Maker.
  • Personalization of your own photo and a chance to share it with friends.
  • A 3D Bow-Show featuring your creations!

The Minnie Bow Maker app is available for $3.99 on the App Store:

Disclosure: I was given this app to review. Opinions about it are 100% my own.

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