App Review: Monsterology Nuko Cards

Nuko Monsterology Cards

I got the opportunity to check out a new app and AppCessory called Nuko Cards. The app is called Monsterology from Nukotoys. Players can tap their Nuko cards into their game and add new monsters, accessories and more to play. This makes the cards collectible so that players can get better bonuses and characters the more cards they collect.

The Monsterology game itself is an interesting one. It is a turn based game where players decide which monsters to choose, where to move the monsters and whether or not they want to attack or explore.

The collectible Nuko cards can help players gain advantages within the game. With more Nuko cards to choose from players can build stronger decks within the game so that they can navigate the game’s challenges with ease. Card packs range from $1.99 for 3 cards to $3.99 for a 7 card package. They are beautifully detailed and make a great real world addition to this digital game. I’ve seen the packages at Toys ‘R Us, Target, and Walmart but if you can’t find them in stores they can be purchased virtually through the app.

Nuko Monsterology Cards

The tapping technology is very interesting. I had a little challenge trying to get the cards to work properly with my iPhone and iPad. But then I watched the videos on the Nukotoys site as well as read the F.A.Q. and discovered that instead of just slapping the card down I should hold it firmly by the tab and slide it onto the iPad or iPhone. Then they worked great. I have no idea how the iPhone or iPad recognize the cards but they do and it is pretty cool when it happens.

Disclosure: I received 3 3-pack packages of Monsterology Nuko Cards to try out and review. Opinions about the game and cards are 100% my own.

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