App Review: Wild Kratts Creature Power

Wild Kratts Creature Power Game

We received the Wild Kratts Creature Power game for the iOS. I downloaded it to my iPhone and gave the app to Eva to play. She took to it right away. The app has three fun games included with creature powers for Elephants, Raccoons and Bees. The app is pretty simple for kids to understand and each game is explained clearly and quickly. I liked that the game was voiced by the Kratt brothers and the animation and art was consistent with the show. I love the creature power suits too.

Elephant Creature Power Game

The first game that Eva tried was the Elephant Power game. In this game the player uses the power of the Elephants trunk to help out other elephants. The user must use the elephant’s trunk to suck up water, mud or dust to spray dirty, sunburned or insect bothered elephants. So players must choose what each elephant needs in order to be helped and then quickly help each elephant as they walk or run across the screen. This is a fun way to learn about an animal’s specialized feature use.

Raccoon Creature Power Game

The second game that Eva tried was the Raccoon game. In this game she had to decide what type of food to feed a Raccoon’s babies. There were eight different types of food to choose from and the hungry little babies keep popping up demanding different types of food. The game is fast paced and kept Eva on her toes. She did a great job identifying the different foods (some of which move around the screen) and feeding them to the baby raccoons. This was a fun way for her to learn about the omnivorous diet of the raccoon.

Bee Creature Power Game

The third game that Eva tried was the Bee Power game. In this game you play as a bee who is pollinating flowers. The bee flies along guided by your child and they visit multiple flowers to gather pollen and then pollinate other flowers with that collected pollen. This was a nice way for Eva to learn about the importance of pollination.

Personal Creature Powers

Each game rewards your child with stickers and unlockable creature power suits that they can use to take special photos. There are four photos to choose from and your child can place themselves in each one. Using the camera function of the device they can place themselves right into the creature power suit and then decorate the image with stickers that they unlock by playing the creature power games over and over.

In all this was a fun game and I hope that future updates include more creature powers and games because these were fun but there are many more suits that could be added to the game. How about one for wolves or kangaroos or even dolphins from the upcoming Lost At Sea episodes.

Disclosure: We received a copy of this app to download, try out and review. Opinions of the game are 100% my own. Also, I am a PBS Kids VIP (Very Involved Parent)

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  1. That seems to be so much fun! I think I’m going to give it a try, now I’m lying in bed with flu so I have a lot of time for playing games:) Thanks for the great idea!

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