April Challenge #23

April Challenge #23

I went looking for signs of Entropy in Little Rock, AR. But let me tell you, the place is an up and coming city. I stayed at the downtown Marriott Courtyard which is directly across from the River Walk and there is so much construction going on to improve the area it was hard to find something to represent Entropy today. But I did find it. I was walking along and noticed that one of the spikes was missing from a decorative cast iron fence/wall. So I got out my camera and took a few shots. This is the one that I didn’t choose because I wanted the one with the missing spike to be in focus and my POS wouldn’t cooperate. It worked fin shooting the other way.

April Challenge #23

I think the second one works much better because of the reflection int he window and the long row of spikes. It just isn’t the exact way I want it to be seen.

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2 thoughts on “April Challenge #23”

  1. You are such an awesome photographer to come up with these shots. They really capture the various contest themes.

    I need to get a nice digital camera at some point and get back into photography, it used to be hobby of mine way back when but life’s been so busy lately I haven’t even thought about it.

    I love coming here to see the latest pictures that you’ve taken, keep ’em coming!

    Nathan’s last blog post..Complete the Spin Cycle

  2. Nathan,

    Thanks very much, that is some nice praise and I appreciate it. I just see things and snap shots, because I shoot every day my mind is always searching for something of interest.

    I’d say don’t delay pick up an inexpensive point and shoot that you can slip into your pocket and keep it with you all the time. That way you never miss a shot.

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