Arabian Nights in Orlando

Arabian Nights in Orlando
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Want to see a two year old in rapt attention for 2 1/2 hours? Take them to see Arabian Nights in Orlando. We were lucky enough to get tickets to this entertaining show from Dina at MarketLeverage during one of our past trips to Florida. We couldn’t use it then but on this trip we scheduled a day extra in Orlando for IZEAFest just so we could go to the show. It was worth seeing.

We were given the tickets like I said, but I upgraded our tickets to VIP so that we could sit int eh front row of the stadium as well as take a behind the scenes tour of the stables. We met some of the performers and got their autographs for Eva. Eva was able to sit on one of the horses and she was also able to pet a few horses. She really liked that. There was a bit of time between our behind the scenes tour and the actual start of the show and Eva got very ancy. However, once the black stallion came into the arena she was spellbound by the magic.

Eva on one of the horses

I have to admit I found the storyline cheesy and the acting hokey and the food not at all worth it, but the riding was what we came to see and that did not disappoint. It was so much fun watching Eva get excited about all the different horses. Her favorite part I think was when the cowboys came out with their American flags. She kept wanting those guys to come back out. She was so excited that she was telling our waitress over and over, “See! Horsies!”

We started off the morning getting packed up and finishing up a few things at Mimi and Grandpa Dano’s place. Then we went for breakfast with Marcia. She took us to Cracker Barrel. Oh I love their bacon and breakfasts, so tasty. I then packed up the car and we just fit perfectly with everything that we were taking to IZEAFest. The Ford Flex is gonna look downright empty when we head to the airport on Monday. I can’t wait to give out the swagbags that I made up. Some people have already received their swag from the twitter contest that I recently held. Speaking of Twitter, I have a new twitter background and tomorrow in the late afternoon come back here for an amazing transformation of

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