Arctic Exploration

Photo-A-Day #2428

In 2000 I had a bunch of disposable income. I was living as a Residence Hall Director and had a full time job at the same time. I paid off my student loans, owed nothing on my car and since I am a big kid I bought a bunch of LEGO sets that some day I would play with with my own children. Now that Eva is four she is taking some interest in LEGO and so I’ve opened a bunch of those sets for us to play with. I love that Eva is excited about the LEGO sets.

The Arctic set is fun and Eva is enjoying playing with them. I have one set that I have yet to open (pictured in the back) That is the huge set. I can’t wait to open that up and build it with Eva.

Wait till I get to the Star Wars sets….

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4 thoughts on “Arctic Exploration”

  1. I love playing Legos with the girls. Its awesome to see their development and creativity grow and progress over time. I’ve already introduced them to the Star Wars sets but they appear to favor the Sponge Bob Square Pants sets more. Go figure.

    1. Brendan,

      We haven’t done the Sponge Bob sets, Eva is unaware of Sponge Bob, and that is fine with me, I’m not a fan. I did pick up a pink box of generic LEGO bricks at Target, the box was on sale for $20 and the set has 471 pieces or so. Good Christmas gift for Eva.

  2. I need you to know that I read the last line and the Darth Vader theme music popped in my head! Ha! I can’t wait to see those…Legos are so fun! I’m going to the Lego store this weekend for sure:)

    1. Mo,

      That is very cool. You need to know that my LEGO obsession has been reawakened and I’m going to do so many cool things with LEGO in the coming months. I even hope to visit them in CT. I’d love to take Eva on a tour.

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