Are you Going to Blog World Expo?

For the past few months I have been seriously thinking about going to Blog World Expo. There are some tentative plans that I have in the air about the event. Most of it hinges upon the birth of my first child. The baby is due in October and if the baby arrives on time or early I shouldn’t have any logistical problems with going to the event. If the baby is late then things might not happen.

so are you going? If so great leave me a note in the comments and hopefully we can meet during the event. If not, why not? Is it the price of the tickets? Did you know that you could win a ticket to the event? It is true, you can win one from FuelMyBlog and BlogWorld Expo, the two have teamed up for a competition. To enter is very, very simple.

1. Create a post on your blog by copying/pasting the following text

“If I win fuelmyblog’s prize and win the ticket to go to BlogWorld Expo, I would like to be introduced to XXXXXXX”

2. Replace the XXXX’s with one of the following names (have linked their blogs if you don’t recognise their names):-

Mike Arrington, Jason Calacanis, Arianna Huffington, Leo Laporte, Matt Mullenweg, Will Leitch, Dave Taylor, Aaron Wall

3. Tag your post fuelmyblog and blogworldexpo and send us a link to the post here with your fuelmyblog user name.

(You need to have your blog registered on fuelmyblog to enter.)

Now I may be headed there so I am not going to enter the competition. However I will tell you my picks if I did enter the competition.

“If I win fuelmyblog’s prize and win the ticket to go to BlogWorld Expo, I would like to be introduced to Matt Mullenweg

I just listened to the interview that Matt did with Matt from I’d like to shake Matt’s hand because I use WordPress for The BenSpark and would like to thank him for that platform.

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