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Well, Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone (It is nearing midnight for me) and the New England Patriots lost. Oh man that was a close one. I guess since I was listening to my cubemate watch the game online and getting updates on my phone from my wife. I spent my time fielding calls and watching the commercials. I guess that I should not have bought that Scratch Ticket yesterday, for more reasons than one. But, even though we were at work we still had decent snacks and much of that was because of Bob Evans.

I received a Tailgating pack from Bob Evans that included a portable Slow Cooker, Some Football shaped bowls and a Bob Evans roll of Sausage and Hot Sausage. I decided to make the Bob Evans Football Party Dip and bring it in to work. I made a slight couple of changes to the recipe. I was not sent any Bob Evans Wildfire Barbecue Sauce so I substituted with a couple of other sauces. I didn’t feel like chopping up tomatoes so I bought Ro-Tel and put in minced garlic instead of garlic powder and minced onion instead of chopped onions.

Bob Evans Sausage

It was very easy to make and the little portable slow cooker was the perfect size for this dip. I’ve never used a slow cooker with a 12 volt plug for the car before. I think this is pretty much for Truckers to have home cooked meals on the road. To me Bob Evans is definitely Road Food. When I used to travel I’d stop at Bob Evans often for breakfast and occasionally for dinner, great comfort food. I’ll have to try and make the Bob Evans 7 Layer Taco Dip as well.

Ready to Hit The Road Good Buddy
Ready for Transport Good buddy!

So I made the dip in a large frying pan, put it into the slow cooker and kept it warm the whole ride to work. I wasn’t sure how everyone at work would receive this. We have delicate palettes and some picky eaters but the dip was universally received well. It was so well received that by the time I took photos of the spread at work the dip was pretty well devoured.

Dip Was Devoured

Disclosure: I was provided the sausage, slow cooker and football bowls for try and review. Opinions are 100% my own and those observed of the people who enjoyed the Football dip.

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One Response to “At Least I Had Good Snacks”

  1. Cathy says:

    Hmmm…that’s what I’d call delicious! Forget about the super bowl, you’ve already won your own super bowl in the kitchen;)

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