Attending the PBS Annual Meeting

Photo-A-Day #2594

Today I flew out to Denver to attend the PBS 2012 Annual Meeting. I was there as part of a panel of parent bloggers, the PBS Kids VIP (Very Important Parent) team. It was so much fun to get out there and meet a bunch of other parenting bloggers and also seeing long time friends once again. The first day was cool because we all landed and then had a small reception and then a delicious dinner.

At the reception I met some of the other bloggers plus I met Angela Santomero, the creator of Blues Clues, Super Why and the upcoming Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. She was incredibly kind and interesting. She has such passion for the shows that she creates and her passion for children. It was so nice to talk with her.

I used my Xshot iPhone 4 case to take the photo today. A bunch of people were excited about the cool gadget I had. It was cool to use it, I’ve got to use it more so I do it much better.

After the reception we hopped on the free bus that runs through the middle of the city and walked a couple blocks up to the Vest Dipping Grill. We had a nice menu with tasty appetizers and a pecan pie salad. Then we were able to choose a main course for ourselves. I choose the scallops and they were very good with fingerling potatoes and a bacon aoili sauce. It was delicious.

We headed back to the hotel and I got some sleep. It was the last sleep I’d get for a while.

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