Avian Housing Renewal

Photo-A-Day #2317

Eva and I picked up birdhouses on Wednesday during our Long Overdue Daddy / Daughter Date Day. This morning we took the paints and birdhouses out to the table and started painting. Eva enjoys painting, she absolutely loves it. She love being artistic and having fun. Me, I enjoy painting but I like to make sure that everything is nice and neat, read: OCD/Anal Retentive.

I would get Eva started with a brush, she’d paint nicely at first and then stick the whole brush into the paint and cover the brush completely. I think that once I just relaxed and let her do her thing it all went better. I’ve got to remember that she’s three and she’d going to do things the way a three year old will do things. I of course don’t want to have the paints all messed up and so I get ancy about it. So, I had to relax and let her paint as she wants to paint. Once I did that things went smoother and we had fun.

We painted for about an hour and a half. I did my rocket ship and she did her castle. The day was beautiful and we had fun. Allison came out and painted a bit with us and worked on Eva’s castle. My Rocket Ship has the color scheme of the roaming Gnome. I’ll have to photograph that too.

I guess that painting castles and rocket ships was too much for me because I was talking with Eva on the couch and I fell asleep for an hour, hard. I was not even on the couch proper. I was sitting on the arm of the sofa and and my head was on the cushions and I was completely out. I’m surprised that Allison didn’t shoot a photo of me passed out like that.

I woke up long enough to eat lunch and then go upstairs to sleep for work.

When I woke up we ran over to Master Tech Auto to get my car. It was finished overnight (Midas said that we’d get the car in next week after parts were ordered). It was also done for HALF of what I was quoted by Midas and an oil change was part of it too. I was very happy because we didn’t have to hit the emergency fund. Find good people, local people and work with them, give them your business and they won’t steer you wrong.

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