Baby Borrowers. Ep 2

I watched this last night with Episode #3. So Back to back Baby Borrowing. Man I got totally sucked in. Here is something I observed and I am probably going to get slammed for saying this.

Each of the girls on the show are somewhat irrational, moody, and some are just plain witchy. Many of them are having a tough time connecting with the babies because they are so selfish and needy themselves. On the other hand, the boys seem to be doing very well with the babies overall. I wonder is that is because they have had practice caring for dependent, emotional for no logical reason, hysterical and whiny girlfriends. I observed that last night and made the connection today.

Case in point: Austin and Kelly. Kelly doesn’t want to wear the pregnancy simulation belly. Austin chuckles a bit when she puts it on. Kelly loses her mind and goes on an emotional bender int he bathroom. Austin sucks it up and goes to the baby class. He comes back and soothes Kelly’s ego so she can function again. These are perfect skills for working with a baby. You can’t reason with a baby, you have to satisfy their needs not your own.

Case in point #2: Sean and Kelsey. Kelsey loses it on the second day and so Sean decides to stay home and help her out, forfeiting their $100 for the day. Again Sean is soothing the needs of an irrational person.

Case in point #3: Corey and Alicia. The mom of their borrowed baby, Carson, came over and told Alicia many pieces of constructive criticism. Alicia was so angry afterwards and refused to spend any time with Carson. She was completely irrational and then Corey had to spend all day with Carson. He was very good with Carson all day too.

I still do not think that these kids are at all ready to be parents. No matter how well they perform in this experiment they are just not going to be able to support a family at that young an age. They certainly have done many good things and also many wrong things. I think as a way of educating them a bit on the reality of being a parent this is doing a fairly decent job. But given that they have been given a home, car, as well as a job where they make some money (but they don’t really have to deal much with bills at all yet), these areas are where the reality of the situation falls short. (Can you tell I did bills today)

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