Bachelor Party

Last night was my Bachelor Party. It was great to see everyone. The four Groomsmen Neil, Derek, James and Ken. My Dad was there and so was my grandfather Andrew Sr. and my brother in-law Erik. My uncles Wayne, Murph, Dave, Fred and Rich were also there. Allison’s Dad and his friend Richie came down from New Hampshire. My cousins Nicholas and Justin came too. Uncle Paul D, Howard and Mr. K came out to have fun too. Then also Andy, Peter and Steve attended as well. Allison and Andrea came in to say hello and then spent the evening at the P.P. Mall doing some shoppping. Neil set up the evening at Dave and Buster’s in the Providence Place Mall. We had two pool tables that were set up for dining and we had a great buffet.

The bachelor did not go thirsty throughout the evening. Uncle Rich gave me a ton of tickets so I could shop for some fun stuff at the winners circle. I got some Nerds rope, a superball and a Red Sox bear. Uncle Wayne gave me a fantastic photo book of a bunch of old photos of me growing up as well as some photos from our hiking trips over the years. There are great memories, sayings, advice and captions throughout the book. Thanks so much! And I ended up with about 6 powercards that kept me playing all sorts of games till 2:00am.

Thanks to everyone who came out, some from some pretty decent distances. I appreciate the chance to have an evening to talk with everyone and have a good time. Dave and Buster’s was great, I actually ended up being there with a few of the diehards till about 2:00am when they closed. Then Neil took me home after a side trip to McDonald’s. Bickfords for early morning BREAKFAST just wasn’t feasible with so many people packing the parking lots.

Thanks again everyone for a great night.

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