Back from LA

Back from LA
Photo-A-Day #1287

I arrived back home today at 6:55am. Then drove from the airport to the house. I signed in and started my day of work. It will be weird going into the office tomorrow because technically I am part of a new group but things haven’t updated yet. I don’t know if things haven’t become official yet or not. Also I haven’t been in the office for over a week again. And next week I’m gone all week as well. But then after that I have no trips planned at all. I think that is when stir craziness will set in but I do look forward to this new challenge.

I’m in the middle of a dispute with a restaurant in London. While I was in London there was one place I went to eat and their credit card machine was not working so I left them with my credit card number and later that night I went back to get a copy of my receipt. They couldn’t give it to me because it was in the middle of the roll or something but I did take a picture of it so I knew it was 29.99 pounds. I was charged for my meal and then the next month I was charged again for the same meal. I put in a call to the credit card company to dispute the charge and today I get a letter from the credit card company plus a letter from the Baker Street Food Station that they refused my claim of a dispute. I now have to write a letter to the credit card company to once again explain that I was charged TWICE. I’ll pay the once charge that is fine but I got charged 2 times for the same meal. Annoying.

Today I discovered something that was really very cool that Yahoo! has done. They created a set of bikes that have cameras mounted on them plus 3 solar panels on the back of the bike to power the camera. The camera takes photos every 60 seconds and automatically uploads to Flickr and also automatically geotags the images. They are using a Nokia N95 for the camera and the automatic tagging. It is a pretty amazing thing. I wrote more about it on The Wired Kayaker. Then I was looking at the blog of Eddie. Eddie is a really nice guy that I met in LA who was one of the Assistant Directors of the Nokia Productions Movie. Well, Eddie has one of the Y! Bikes. I had wish I had known that before meeting him I would have loved to hear more about it. Either way I entered the contest to win one of these bikes for my own so I can ride and geotag my rides automatically.

I was able to post my interview with Spike Lee and I also noticed that the WOM World site is up and running with lots of extras from the premiere as well as the LA death scenes that we filmed. You can see me in many of the videos. Sort of makes up for not having any of my work in the actual movie.

Another thing that I took care of today was to enter Eva into the Gap Kids Casting Call contest. I think she has what it takes to win. Here are the photos we submitted.

Eva's Baby Gap Casting Call images

You can view them on the Baby Gap Site by typing as the submitting e-mail address.

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6 thoughts on “Back from LA”

  1. It may be time for a new credit card company. AMEX cards taste pretty good (careful you can get in big trouble if you don’t eat it all the way and the magnetic strip is a little bitter).

  2. Stephen,
    So you ate A’s card, ouch. That doesn’t sound tasty. I wrote my letter to the CC company. Hopefully it will illustrate my point. If they can’t help me I’m canceling that card because this is ridiculous.

  3. Wow your a busy man…. I would have loved to work on the Nokia movie.

    I’m from London (but live in Montreal). There is no way I would let them get away with it. Nearly $60 is worth fighting for 🙂

    Forests last blog post..Mobile Movies…

  4. Forest,
    I am pretty busy, if the information from Nokia went out to everyone much better you would have heard all about it. It is too bad that more people hadn’t heard about it.

    I’ll continue to fight that charge for sure.

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