Back from the Cape

Photo-A-Day #2677

Eva has been at the Cape since last Thursday and today when I got back from work we drove down to pick her up. She’s had a wonderful time and even had a little friend to play with. My sister’s friend was visiting for a few days along with her 2 year old daughter. Eva and she got along very well together. Eva also got a chance to spend quality time with my parents and sisters too.

While she was away she lost the other bottom front tooth of hers. She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking her for a little more money so that she could take her friends and family out for ice cream. The tooth fairy left her enough for a Dairy Queen run for everyone.

We stayed for the day and had a nice time at the beach. Eva was sad to leave her new friend and cried a bit as we drove away, but she was so worn out that she fell asleep for the ride home.

It was nice to have some one on one time with Andrew for the past weekend. Well, Allison had one on one time, I was at work. But when I did get time to spend with Andrew it was nice to not have to divide my attention between two children. That being said, I am very happy to have Eva back home.

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