Back to School should be Spelled Crayola

Eva enjoying all the Crayola purchases

A week from today we’ll be sending our sweet little girl off to her very first year of all day Kindergarten. She’s already had two years of half day schooling and that was nice. She had a good group of friends and a small classroom where she got plenty of attention from the teachers. We’re sending her to a school where, hopefully she will also get plenty of attention and where she will be challenged. The school sent home a list of all of the items that they wanted us to buy for Eva to bring to school. Many of the things on the list were crayons and markers and stuff that Crayola makes. I was excited.

You see, I am a fan of Crayola crayons. I think tht they are far superior to any other crayon and have turned my kids into crayon snob because of it. There is nothing like a Crayola crayon in my opinion. Opening a brand new box, there is nothing like it. There is so much potential inside a box of new crayons, much like there is in a child heading to school for the first time. So we had to go and get her some Crayola items.

The Crayola Section at Target

We went off to Target to pick up the items on her list. We got some Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils for school and then picked up a bunch of other items for home. We picked up markers for windows so that Eva could draw on the back door which is a giant window. It is a fun idea so that we can write her notes or she can decorate for holidays. We also received one of Crayola’s newest products. We got a Twistables Colored Pencils and Paper set.

The Twistables Set

I’ve personally purchased a set of Colored Pencil Twistables before. I got a package of 30 of them so that I could color during some downtime at work. I print off Skylanders coloring pages and color them in to hang up in Eva’s room. I like the Twistables because I don’t need a pencil sharpener and they are sort of a cross between pencils and crayons so I was excited to get this pack. I wasn’t so excited that the 65 pieces meant that 40 of them were paper and there were only 25 Twistables. Granted the paper is cut so that it fits onto the case as a drawing tablet so kids can use it in the car but that is still not exactly a selling point for me.

The Twistables Set

The set that I bought myself had 30 Twistables in it. I just don’t think that pieces of paper should count as the total number of items in a set. Maybe if there were stencils or something else in the set it would be better or put in 30 Twistables and call it a 30 piece set. The hard case is a great selling point for me because it is perfect for storing the pencils. I like keeping things in order and this set is perfect for keeping order. We did receive the product for free and I do give you my honest opinion on things and that is what I think.

Love the Twistables colored pencils and Crayola art products in general just not thrilled that more than half of the 65 pieces in the set were paper.

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