Batman vs. Snake Eyes: Team Up or Fight?

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Looking around my desk at work I see that I have a Batman figure and a Snake Eyes figure. It occurs to me that these two guys would make a great pairing. Both are silent fighters. No quippy remarks from either one. Both are imposing figures. Both are skilled in martial arts. Both have more weapons stashed on their respective persons and humanly possible. Both have an affinity for black.

While these two will probably not be teaming up or fighting each other anytime soon it is interesting to think of the possibility of this happening. I was discussing this on Facebook with Andrew Kardon of Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy. He suggested that this team up would be the quietest one ever. We both thought of the G.I. Joe silent issue (#21 in the original Marvel series in the 80’s and in the IDW series more recently).

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2 thoughts on “Batman vs. Snake Eyes: Team Up or Fight?”

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Drew. I think it’d be a great team-up. Of course every team-up in comics always begins with a misunderstanding and a fight, and THEN moves on to a team-up. 😉

    I actually loved the Batman vs. Predator comic they did years ago. And the Superman vs. Aliens (while it sounds ridiculous) was really well done.

    I’d love a Batman/Snake Eyes one. Who’d be the villains, though? Joker and Storm Shadow doesn’t seem very likely.
    Look at what Andrew Kardon wrote blog post ..Get a $5 Lowes or Home Depot Gift Card for Filling out My Survey

    1. Andrew,

      I don’t see those guys on the same level, storm shadow maybe but not joker. I was going to put in something about that misunderstanding/team up formula too. This team up might need baddies with completely different skills like a brute force set of villains vs these two good guys who have much more finesse.

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