Battroborg Battle in NYC

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Today I took the train down to New York City in order to battle with my buddy Adam Cohen from DaDa Rocks. I was invited down by the guys from NYC Dads Group. I was to be a contender in the title card match of a Battroborg battle. Battroborg are new battling robots from Tomy. They are pretty sweet, too. Like Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots for the digital age.

The train ride down was decent and I got some work done. When I arrived I walked over to my hotel, Pod 39. This is a fun hotel with tiny little rooms that are so incredibly efficient for budget traveler. The rooms aren’t so small that I can touch both walls with one hand but they are pretty darn close but I have a bed and a bathroom, a place to work and a TV and safe. Pretty much everything I need for the night. I was able to check in early, too, so that was fantastic. I rested up a bit and then took a walk around.

Words to Live By

I went over to Rockefeller Center and to the Nintendo World, poked around there and then to the LEGO store. Then I walked over to the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. I had been by but never been in before. So I walked in and looked around. What a beautiful building. I took this shot inside.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

I then walked back to the hotel and had some lunch at Salvation Taco. I had these delicious Carne Asada Tacos.


The Tacos were delicious but so small. They tasted so good I could have eaten a dozen, so it is a good thing they only gave me three.

After lunch I did some resting and working and watching the end of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica. Yes, I am late to that amazing party. Wow, what a show! I’m both glad and disappointed that I missed seeing it week to week and now have a chance to consume the whole of it whenever I want (It is streaming on Amazon Prime). The last episode of Season 3 was a gut punch, in a good way.

I walked from my hotel on 39th and Lexington to Chelsea Piers off of 17th and 11th ave, I think. It was a ways but it was a good walk. There I saw the Game Truck setting up.

Gametruck at Chelsea Piers

I’ve been to a Game Truck event before and so I knew what I was going to see. It was cool to see the dads reacting to seeing this amazing truck. The think is huge and it has giant leather couches, big screen TVs and tons of games from every system imaginable. But, I came to battle with a physical item, with a Battroborg.


I met up with Scott who was representing Game Truck and Battroborg. We talked for a while about the toys and other things. I was introduced to Fred who would be taking the photos and videos of the event. Fred had me do some shots and videos for the video that they were making about this big time battle between me and Dada Rocks. It was very fun. So I hammed it up a bit, nothing like Adam, he was very convincing. I met Lance and Matt from NYC Dads Group. We hammed it up for the cameras as well.

Me with the NYC Dads Group Guys Lance and Matt

The battling was fun and fast and furious. Adam and I battled over and over for the camera. I was eventually declared the winner. Not sure how that happened but one of us had to come away with the title.

The Reigning Battroborg Champion

So I recorded some more video for the video that will be coming out at some point, I’ll be sure to add the link here when it does.

The Battroborgs

Then we had a big group photo around the Battroborg ring and some people left but a big chunk of is went to a place called Artichoke Pizza. They are famous for this Artichoke dip pizza. I had a bite, it was okay but I like my Artichoke dip with Pita Chips. I instead tried their crab pizza which was very good. We hung out and talked there for a while and then Adam gave me a ride back to the hotel. We missed my street so we went through Times Square. There I saw the largest Disney Infinity Wrap ever. I got a few photos of it as we drive through the intersection.

Disney Infinity in Times Square

I had a great time and look forward to my next trip to New York City.

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