BBBL Happened tonight

BBBL Happened tonight
Photo-A-Day #1435

Tonight was the blogger event of the century (in North Attleboro). Tonight was Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs at Speed of Thought Playhouse. The night started with a two hour meet and greet of bloggers from the local area. We had a pretty decent turnout for the first ever Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs at Speed of Thought Playhouse. I had Paul, NotRonWest, Lenny and his nephew Tyler, another Tyler, Ryan, one of the players and Seamus, another player and the Speed of Thought Players live onstage blogger.

The meet and greet was awesome, it was really very fast paced and I talked to as many people as possible. I got a ton of photos which I will put up tomorrow. Here are two more:

The giveaway table
At the Prize Table

Lenny and Tyler
Lenny and Tyler

I’ll also have a recap of the evening tomorrow but tonight, tonight the comedy is still happening so time to watch the funny.

I tweeted the whole thing too and even when I was tweeting I won a contest. I won a shirt from Zac Johnson.

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  1. Thanks Zac,
    Will I be seeing you at IZEAFest or ASE? I don’t think we’ve met before but we’ve been at the same cons.

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