BBQ, Kenny, Ellis and Antje….

Yesterday Allison and I went to New Hampshire in the morning. I got 3 hours of sleep and then we were off. Went went up to see Dan and Marcia and then went over to see Ken and Alicia for Alicia’s MBA celebration party. Ken went to the Bull Run and got some great steak tips and fired up the Webber and got the bbqing going. Here’s Kenny at the BBQ.

Kenny the BBQ King.

After we left Ken and Alicia we went back to the house and Erin and Bart came down to have dinner with us and to head down to North Andover to see Antje Duvekot and Ellis Paul at the Crossroad’s Coffeehouse.

Antje opened the show and she was fantastic, she has such a wonderful voice and her songwriting is amazing. We were actually seated directly behind her. After the show she signed my copy of her newest CD Boys, Flowers, Miles. And I asked if I could get a photo with her as well. She was very gracious and nice to meet. I look forward to seeing her again in the future.

Drew and Antje.

Ellis took the stage and he played another fantastic set. He played about an hour and then we took a break and then he played some more and asked for suggestions/requests. Allison shouted out Words. Words is going to be our wedding song. So Ellis played Words and it was awesome.

Allison bought Ellis’ new CD called American Jukebox Fables. We waited in line to get that signed and we also got our picture taken with Ellis.

Allison,Ellis and Drew.
(Notice how cute Allison’s outfit is. It is my favorite one at the moment. Totally brings the blue out in her eyes.)

So when Ellis began to sign the CD he asks, who should I make this out to, and Allison says “Allison” and I say “and Drew”. So we had a little laugh at that and talked to him about our wedding and our choice of Words as the wedding song. Now notice that Allison and I was pictured with Ellis, but only I am with Antje. That is because when Drew gets to talk to a cute female singer he forgets everything and gets tongue tied. So The CD is only made out to me and only I am in the picture.

Thanks for taking the photos Bart.

We had a great weekend hanging out with Erin and Bart and seeing Antje and Ellis. And lunch with Dan and Marcia and Aunt Sandy and Aunt Sandy’s famous chocolate chip cookies.

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