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Today we started off the morning by heading to Showcase at Patriot Place to see The Lion King in 3D. We (Allison and I) were so excited to share this movie with Eva. Well, we should have waited a bit longer. Eva did not like the movie because it was too scary. She hated Scar, the theater was practically empty but the sound was up as if there were 40,000 people in the theater. Eva didn’t want to wear the 3D glasses and it was a highly emotional hour and a half. We made it through but it was draining. Eva said that if we get the movie we should sell it, she did not enjoy the movie. The funny thing is that she did not like How to Train Your Dragon the first time she saw that too and now it is her favorite one. The Lion King is a bit different though because there is real death involved in it. We finally told her that if we got the movie it would be for us. Maybe she’ll enjoy when she gets older.

Tonight we had a nice meal but Eva was still sulky and didn’t want to try something new. What a mood, what a mood. Well, regardless of how Eva was handling things I made two items from the Kingsford Tailgating site. I made the Grilled Stuffed Flank Steak and the Grilled Mexican Corn.

I was sent a Kingsford Grill along with my pack of great Kingsford gear. Eva and I built the grill last week and one of the handles broke. So I contacted the customer service number and got a new handle delivered today. The grill is a nice size kettle grill with tons of grilling surface. I set up the coals and started it.

Real flame goodness.

The Grilled Stuffed Flank Steak was really easy to make. The prep time was about 20 minutes and the cook time was 50 minutes. Here is the recipe for Grilled Stuffed Flank Steak that you can download. And here are some prep photos.

Spray down the foil and the cornbread stuffing is mixed

Spread on the cornbread stuffing and cover with cheese and scallions. Then roll the flank steak up cover it with tin foil.

Allison mixed up the ingredients for the Grilled Mexican Corn on the Cob. If you are going to do this recipe make sure you have a ton of corn because there was a ton of the yogurt/mayo mixture which was delicious on grilled corn on the cob. I hadn’t made corn on the grill before and it was great. I tried making it once with the husks on but this time with the husks off it was much better.

Dinner was delicious. I hadn’t had Flank Steak that way before and I also hadn’t had Mexican Corn on the Cob before either (here is the link to download the recipe) and they were great. I’d certainly make them again. I’m also ready to get grilling again soon. Real Soon.

Disclosure: I received a grill and a Kingsford gear pack. The opinions about what we made and ate are 100% ours.

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