Beach Day with Grandpa Dano

Photo-A-Day #2990

On vacation today we went to Del Ray Beach with Grandpa Dano. We went after 3pm because the sun was way too hot for us to spend the whole day at the beach. I personally don’t like spending the entire day at the beach anymore like I did when I was a kid. When I was a kid on Falmouth Heights Beach I would swim, snorkle, dig holes and goof around with my friends. The days never seemed long enough. Now, while I still enjoy the beach, I just can’t take the sun for that long a stretch. So we go later in the day and enjoy the late afternoon sun and the warmer water.

When we got to the beach the kids were not overly thrilled about going into the water. Del Ray beach is pretty much a sandbar where you can walk out pretty far and not be over your head. Eva got all panicky at first and wouldn’t stand up where she could and wanted to hold onto us for dear life. Then we got out the squirt guns and she forgot all about how “scary” the water was. The kids had a fun time blasting me with water and me pretending to fall over from the spray. This tickled Andrew to no end.

After the beach we had dinner over at Boston’s on the Beach. This is a fun restaurant/bar. We sat outside and the kids had fun. It wasn’t too hot and muggy so it was a comfortable meal. Mimi had to work late today so we had Dano with us, solo. I think he had a nice time playing on the beach with the kids and having dinner with us.

Allison took some cute photos of the kids at the beach.

Beach beauty

Loving Beach Life

I just came here to be cute.

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