Been a Lucky Week…

This week has been pretty lucky for me so far. Yesterday I find out that I am a finalist in the MySuper Bowl Ad competition on FuelMyBlog and today I learned that I won an IPod shuffle.

I entered the contest through a sponsored PayPerPost opportunity to promote a new Tech Blog over on my blog Flatwater Tech. The blog I was to promote was ToastTheTrends- Electronics and Gadgets. This is an interesting blog about technology and gadgets, and because I like gadgets so much I took the opp. Apparently my post about ToastTheTrends- Electronics and Gadgets was a pretty good one because I drove the most visitors to her blog.

Today I got an e-mail from IntricateGirl from ToastTheTrends. She let me know that I ended up winning the iPod shuffle. And then she proceeded to write a great post about me and this blog. It is a very nice post and I appreciate it very much.

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10 thoughts on “Been a Lucky Week…”

  1. You must have been petting Stephen the Dog recently…he won an iPod from Fuel My Blog; maybe some of his good luck rubbed off on you!

    Congrats, and that was a nice post she wrote about you and your blog!

  2. The voting has not happened yet. I’m writing up a new contest for August that I will post later. Part of that will have to do with helping me with the Super Bowl Ad contest.

  3. Congrats on the ipod. You’re one lean, mean, blogging machine! Do they have the Nike+ for the shuffle? I know that is really good for the gym.

  4. Hi Spanish Joe,
    I have heard about the Nike + iPod thing, it works with the iPod Nano. That is a pretty sweet little device too. I also know that there are some training programs you can download to your iPods, no matter what version.

  5. Congratulations. Everybody needs a lucky week from time to time. Is it just a matter of luck? I don’t think so. Most times, when you are doing a great job and you are getting all your effort in what you wish to reach, luck comes to you.

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