Photo-A-Day #2318

I got home from work, slept and when I work up around 3pm I decided to take Eva over to the Zoo and give Allison a mental break. Eva and I walked up and over to the Zoo so we could walk around and see all the animals. Eva got to walk around and see an otter nibbling on his tail and spinning around, Eva cracked up. Then we walked over to the Lemurs and they are on two islands. Ducks paddle around the island and there are also turtles. Watching the ducks and turtles swim around was funny because they kept crashing into each other. I kept saying Duck, Duck, Turtle and Eva cracked up. We saw a bunch of the animals and I snapped this one of the white Lion has he finished a yawn, lucky timing.

As we wandered around we were asked to take photos of a family standing in the Meerkat cutout. then they took this one of Eva and I.

We also ran into a couple of friends of mine from High School. They were at the zoo for a birthday party. That might be a fun party for Eva as she gets older.

We then played at the playground and then it was time to walk home for dinner. I love that we are such a quick walk over to the Zoo too. Eva wanted to walk by the fountain again too. She did her princess pose around some flowers too. She cracks me up.

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10 Responses to “Being Silly at the Zoo”

  1. Deborah says:

    Adorable pics!

  2. Grandfather says:

    Glad to see you are getting to enjoy Capron Park. Hard to believe that mom and I had our wedding pictures taken there.

    • Drew says:


      The flowers are not what they were then. I haven’t seen any weddings being photographed there lately. Maybe if they got those flowers back up and looking nice there might be a few more people there for photos. We’re enjoying going to the zoo and park whenever we can.

  3. Deborah says:

    Fun photos! Love going to the zoo!

  4. Mel Lifshitz says:

    Eva is a doll. Beautiful pics you have here.

  5. Hunte says:

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