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I’m working on a new project through Amazon where I can choose books to be in my own affiliate bookstore. I have begun by choosing books and DVD’s related to kayaking. I set up the store to be organized so that interested kayakers can find relevant information pertaining to their style of the sport. Whether they are fans of kayaking literature and stories, building kayaks, whitewater or sea kayaking I have set up categories for all sorts of things kayak. I plan to also set up some other aspects of the store related to my other hobbies like photography and rollerblading and transformers collecting.

Take a look at the The BenSpark Book Store to learn more. Let me know what you think of the set-up so far. And Andy I mean you, you are very good at constructive criticism.

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3 thoughts on “BenSpark Book Store”

  1. Drew,

    I like the color and layout of the bookstore but I am confused. Why should I go to your bookstore and not directly? Obviously if I knew I wanted a book on kayaking I would go through your store because as an Affiliate you make money on my purchase.

    However to me it looks like just a bunch of kayak books. Have you read all of these? Do you endorse them, are some better than others? To me it seems like a ton of books and almost feels like you went to and did a search for Kayak then added every book that came up. Not saying you did it but I want ratings I want your opinion. Drew what is good about this book.

    Personally if I pick up a book and start it I force myself to finish it. This means I have to be careful in what I pick. I just spend 2 weeks reading Linda Greenlaw’s lobster chronicles. I don’t know what happened this book was not good and seemed to be cashing in on her fame. Sure it is nice to hear about how tough it is to be a lobster fisherman but when you have 2 books on the NY times best seller list the economics of small town lobster fishing do not apply to you I am sorry. Also some kind of plot or opinion or way to end the book might have been nice. As an author I find if hard to be critical of those who write because I know how hard it is. You put so much time and effort into something and you take all the bad reviews personally. However I feel this book was poor the 1st two she wrote were great I totally enjoyed the Hungry Ocean.

    Writing is an art and a gift. A good writers are precious. Which is why books like the Lobster Chronicles frustrate me. Linda Greenlaw can and has done better.

    Tom Clancy same deal the guy was awesome and he made millions writing great books. However do not pick up anything after 1995 from him because they are all awful. To me it feels like he sold out and that sucks because I liked his writing and now I can;t read any of his new stuff because it is all ghost written and poor.

    Finally since I am on a role. Nelson Demille you let me down man. Come on NightFall awesome book right up until you wrote the worst ending of any book I have ever read. I know it is hard when you write yourself into a corner but back up delete a few chapters and fix it. Also a good outline like we learned in 3rd grade will prevent this problem. Thanks Mrs Joyce.

    If anyone is tempted to pick up Night Fall do yourself a favor and rip out the last few chapters and burn them. Sure you will not know how the book ends but you will also not end up feeling like a used coffee filter sitting at the bottom of a garbage can.

    On the plus side I did enjoy the book all the way to the end so I know the guy can write it just pissed me off that someone with that much talent is ok with doing something like that.

    It would be like Tiger Woods giving up Golf and becoming a sumo wrestler.

  2. Actually Andy I did go and type in Kayak, then I selected all the kayak books on technique and put them in a category, I also put the guidebooks in another category and building kayaks in another category. That way you would not have to wade through all the books like I did to find a guidebook on Kayaking in Oregon.

    As for the rest of your comment. I must have touched off a nerve or something.

    Thanks for the constructive criticism on the bookstore. I will work on some things.

  3. Drew,

    Now I see the categories. I originally went in and just browsed through the main page and kept going to next.

    Next time I am looking for a book on Kayaking I will hit the BenSpark store 1st.

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