BenSpark goes to a Toy Drive
Photo-a-Day #1338

I put on my “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” T-Shirt and went downtown to a Christmas Is For Kids Toy Drive that was sponsored by Achin’s Garage. My friend Sarah posted the event on Facebook and that is how I learned about it. It was definitely a great thing to see, all those toys for needy kids. I even donated a toy. I picked up a toy yesterday from Walmart that was supposed to be for Eva. However she was lucky enough to get the toy in Florida from Mimi and Grandpa Dano. Here is my video interview with Sarah, I forgot to zoom out on the video camera, that is why it was so close. I used my XShot 2.0 to take the video too.

More things are being added to BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome!. There are many guesses and one guess that was right on the money was from Karen who stated that there was an “IZEA pop can holder” which is totally correct. The IZEA pop can holder is called a Koozy and there is certainly one in the box.

An IZEA koozy was found in BenSpark's Big Box of Awesome!

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5 Responses to “BenSpark goes to a Toy Drive”

  1. cohnsey says:

    Any chance you could just give me the izea cup holder? that thing rules

  2. Drew says:

    You might want to ask IZEA if they have any left.

  3. cala says:

    I like the photo which was very impressive to look at.. Thanks for sharing your great experiences…

  4. […] of a post on Facebook by my college and high school friend Sarah. Her family’s auto shop sponsored a toy drive that I went to about a week or so […]

  5. […] wanted, The 7 pack of Disney Princesses (aff link). We picked that up last weekend when we did out Christmas is For Kids Shopping. Then Target lowered the price and I was able to get the refund so easily. I love Target […]