Best Night Ever

One podcast that I really have been enjoying is VH-1’s Best Night Ever. I downloaded all the podcasts from April till now. I am in June at the moment. If you like Best Week Ever where not quite made it comedians get to be snarky and snide and sound much more intelligent than the people they make fun of, then you will be entertained by Best Night Ever. Since I am a completest in my podcast watching I need to watch every episode. IT doesn’t matter that the episodes I am watching are about the season finales of TV shows that are now back on current episodes. My favorite Best Night Ever personality is Shea Hess. She is so cute and happy and not as snarky as everyone else. There are also some special podcasts of outtakes and the Sizzler and other things. I like the Mike Britt rants and Paul F. Thompkins. They are some of the funny parts of this podcast. You are warned, if you watch this over and over you will begin to loath Christian Finnegan because he intros almost ever single podcast. It is the same clip over and over. I’ve been putting my iPod through it’s paces.

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