Betaspring Open House with Shuttercal

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Tonight I went into Providence to Betaspring to their Open House. Betaspring is a mentorship program for startups to accelerate them to the next level. Look at the top of this post and see that my Photo-A-Day image is hosted on Shuttercal and my friends from Shuttercal are one of the startups in the program. I am so excited for Scott, Kim, Dan and Andy. It was so great to meet those guys and also to meet friend of the blog, Justin Hunt who has been very active on this blog and is a great Shuttercal user. It was awesome to meet everyone and hang out with really fun people.

Scott at Betaspring

Scott gave the company’s elevator pitch which was very well done. Kim showed us their office at Betaspring. Each of the companies has a small office in which to work. They have all put up their own decorations and made the spaces their own. It was a nice night to meet everyone and Justin even took a whole group shot of the Shuttercal folks plus he and I.

I also got a chance to talk with my friend Wayne for a while. He’s a toy guy and it was cool to spend time talking to him about Slugterra, a property that he worked on. Wayne is also making a fun figure on shapeways called the Modibot. I need to pick me up one of those figures.

I also spent a while talking with Donna from Surprise Ride, a subscription service of fun activities for parents of teens and tweens. I learned a lot about their service and was even asked to sign their celebrity board. Donna also gave me some Crayola Model Magic. Eva and I will have to make something with that next week.

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