Beyond Blogging Video Just Released

With the Holiday season in full swing the last thing you probably want to think about is Beyond Blogging. However, this is exactly the time to get geared up and ready for a new challenge in the New Year. Ig you have a couple of seconds you want to go take a look at this video my friends Mike CJ and Nathan Hangen have put together.

Nathan and Mike have written an awesome book called
Beyond Blogging. This book is poised to be the biggest blogging book of the year. They interviewed a bunch of successful A-List bloggers about what it takes to become a 6 figure blogger, and then used those secrets to share the blueprint to becoming a blogging success. I’ve read the book, and honestly, it’s inspiring.

The book isn’t ready to launch yet, but they did make a really cool video to share how the concept was born, how they went about getting the attention of these A-List bloggers, and what they learned in the process.

Check it out:

Learn how to go beyond blogging and get the 6 figure blogging blueprint

Nathan and Mike invited me to be an affiliate for this program and most recently they set me up with a 2nd Tier Affiliates Link. That means that you can also sign up to be an affiliate and make money promoting this book, which is going to be huge.

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