Big Money Bloggers Panel

If you missed the LIVE Feed yesterday you can watch this video of the Big Money Bloggers Panel at IZEAFest. I was the moderator and John Chow, Neil Patel, Stephanie Agresta and Jeremy Schoemaker were the panelists. They Rocked IT!

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6 thoughts on “Big Money Bloggers Panel”

  1. Thanks for letting me know Chica. I thought I had that fixed. It is the new wordpress for some reason the comments are off on that one. I will look again.

  2. Drew listened to some of your panel intro. Sounds like like your enjoying yourself and doing a good job. Take care. The slide show of the zoo was fanantastic!

  3. Drew-Glad to see you guys having so much fun. One question, can you set this video not to play automatically everytime I come to your blog.

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