Biting the Hosting Bullet

One thing that I learned from IZEAFest and Blog World Expo was that you have to have your own domain name and you have to have your own hosting. Well, I have five domain names registered right now but I only have my own hosting for one of them. On October 23rd my year of free hosting ends for Read To Me, Dad. I also got an Extreme Blog Makeover for The Wired Kayaker so I really need to take my hosting to the next level. Many people have recommended BlueHost and I am seriously thinking about them. I even went to Hosting Geeks to learn more about web hosting options. The site has many articles to help you research the best option for hosting. I read one about Finding the Best Web Hosting Service. The article asks many of the questions that you should ask before you look for a hosting provider.

In the end I think I will look through the features on Hosting Geeks to find a company that fits my needs. A company where I can have unlimited domains. I will host the four domains that are not on a true dedicated host and then when my hosting for The BenSpark is up I will move it over to my new hosting service, too.

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