There are many blogs that can help you make money online. There is one blog that I frequent that is making money on a daily basis. Actually there are a couple of blogs from Sire, an Australian who is out to make money online. One of my favorite sites is BlogSire. This blog has the tag line Blogging the money way. Reading this blog you know what you are in for. You are in for ads paid posts and affiliate links. And why would you read a blog like that? Well I for one read it for the posts between those paid posts. Sire knows how to make money online and he shares his tips with his readers. They are great tips for the blogger who would like to monetize their own blog.

Sire also has a couple other blogs including SBizzTech which is a technology blog with a dash of humor thrown in. If you can’t laugh at technology then what are you going to laugh at. I like the post about Apple’s new product, the iTit.

And rounding out the list is Well Blog Me!. Each of Sire’s blogs are well written and have a distinct design, information is clean and easy to find. And if you are lucky you can get hooked up with BlogSire’s Top Sites. My blog The BenSpark is #2 on the list and Well Blog Me is #1. Can your site take the top spot? Sign up and find out.

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  1. lucia says:

    You can bet I’m on my way to Sire’s blog. Thanks for the tip.

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