Blog World Expo Day 1: Swagalicious!


Blog World Expo 2008 has been awesome. I learned a lot from Blog World Expo 2007 and also IZEAFest 2008 so I started networking as soon as possible. I met so many nice bloggers as well as exhibitors at this event that it is going to take me a ton of posts just to acknowledge everyone. I also received an absolute ton of swag that I have to go and buy a duffel bag to bring it all home

The morning started out okay except when I went to check in I was not listed. No worries because Picapp took care of me right away. I got my conference badge and was able to hit the exhibit hall running. But, prior to that I watched the Keynote speaker Richard Jalichandra of Technorati. His keynote was on the state of the blogosphere. Some very interesting stuff in that keynote.

Richard Jalichandra

After the keynote I tried to contact people from picapp to make sure I could get my conference badge. I set up alerts on twitter and sent e-mails. It all got resolved with some help from some great people.

When the floor opened I went right to the picapp both because they were the ones who paid for me to attend this conference. They sponsored the contest through FuelMyBlog and I won a complete package to Blog World Expo. I will be interviewing them soon.

I then went around to a bunch of exhibitors asked them about their products and got a ton of swag. I came back to the room with 12 adult shirts and one baby shirt for Eva that says Future Blogger. I got that from Market Leverage. I am looking to work with them on monetizing this blog more. I really want to be able to keep Allison home more with Eva and making some money with this blog is the way to do it.

I also ended up with NHL2K9 for Wii and many great contacts throughout the whole exhibit hall. I entered a ton of contests learned that I can move all my blogs to one place with a discount as well as set up co-comment on each blog and get a pretty sweet prize for doing so. Southwest gave me some drink vouchers. I was also able to scoop up $20 in the Cashinator from Market Leverage. So all in all it was a great day.

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7 thoughts on “Blog World Expo Day 1: Swagalicious!”

  1. I took a peek at his stream, and yeah your right, he’s good. I think it’s better to intro yourself after the photo, it lessens your chances of getting a “posed” shot. 🙂

  2. Well how about that, I cleared and my cookies, and woila, things work, and I commented with the wrong comment on this post. Darn.

    So in proper commenting form, I’d say that all those goodies are awesome. I’m a huge t-shirt fan, I think I have a gazillion and one in my drawers. Glad to see you have had a blast, and Eva’s shirt is just so adorable. 🙂

    Chicas last blog post..Creative Photo: Updating of Self Portrait

  3. Chica,
    I hadn’t thought of that before. I should try that sometime. That is okay for commenting off the post, I know what you meant and which one you meant to put it on, no worries. I am a T-Shirt fan too but I may give some away, not sure yet.

  4. Ben,

    Thank you for coming by the MarketLeverage booth. I know there was some excellent swag given away at the show and I picked up some myself!

    Congratulations on grabbing $20 bucks out of The Cashinator.

    If you have any questions please reach out to me!

    AIM: mktlvgdeborah

  5. Debby,

    You guys certainly had some great swag. I picked up a little baby shirt for my baby girl. It says future blogger on it. I love it.

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