You may have asked yourself, Why does The Benspark have so many little boxes with people’s photos on them from places like MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog. While I like both of these Social Networking sites I tend to favor BlogCatalog more. I seem to get more hits from BlogCatalog than I do from MyBlogLog and I even pay for the higher quality service features from MyBlogLog. What BlogCatalog offers me however is actually better and for free.

Almost every day I get a message telling me that someone new has joined my community or added me as a friend to their BlogCatalog. I don’t often get a message like that from MyBlogLog.

I like the layout of the BlogCatalog page for my profile. The profile lists all of my blogs, my list of BlogCatalog friends and the communities I am part of on BlogCatalog.

You can explore further into each of my individual blogs. When you view an individual blog on BlogCatalog you can see many points of information from that blog, you see the neighborhood members, recent viewers, my latest posts, and there is an area at the bottom where a user can post a review of the blog. I have gotten one review so far and I think that maybe it is because the option to review is so far down the page. I hadn’t realized it was there until I got my first review.

You can also start discussions on BlogCatalog and through the discussion feature I was able to connect with Scott from Wallhogs. And through that connection Scott was inspired to feature BIG art each day on the Wallhogs blog and that includes some of my Photo-A-Day stuff.

I think that in addition to a cool widget for your blog you also get a very nice neighborhood social interaction feel from BlogCatalog and it is a site I use often to explore new blogs as well as promote my own blog.

You can see each of my BlogCatalog Neighborhoods by following the links below or you can go to my profile and start your journey there.

The BenSpark

BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Wired Kayaker

Flatwater Tech

If you end up stopping by please drop me a message, add yourself to the neighborhood and write a review and rate my blogs.

Another couple good features are, the ability to change your top friends and top neighborhoods. I love that feature and use it to give more exposure to my friends as well as their blog neighborhoods.

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2 Responses to “BlogCatalog, see it there on the right….”

  1. Mark says:

    I appreciate the insight, but there’s no way to participate in all the social networking sites is there? How do you know which one to even start with?

  2. Drew says:

    You can participate in all the social networking sites, it is not easy but you can. You just have to sign up for all of them. It can be done, but again it is not easy. I would start with My Blog Log and Blog Catalog. They are both really good.

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