Blogger Playdate with McDonald’s and GameTruck

Photo-A-Day #2874

Today our family went to a blogger event with McDonald’s and GameTruck. My friend Keri from coordinated the whole outing. She got the GameTruck to come and also got McDonald’s to host a private sampling of their new Fish McBites. It worked out great and the kids had a great time. I had a nice time seeing many of my area blogging friends.

When we arrived all of the families were brought to an area of the restaurant that was set aside for us. Each of the kids received a cute t-shirt and on the tables they had McDonald’s card games, little footballs, puzzles and dominoes. The kids were also given Fish McBites Happy Meals and the parents got medium size boxes of Fish McBites as well. There was a giant promotional box that people could wear to promote Fish McBites. It was Andrew’s focus most of the meal. He kept trying to gab it and move it around. Finally we just put him into it and took a few photos. Of course Eva wanted to get in on the action as well.

Playing in the Fish McBites Box

After our meal we went out to play in the GameTruck. I can’t even begin to imagine how cool this would have been if it was around when I was a kid. The GameTruck is a trailer that has big screen TVs with multiple gaming consoles connected to each TV. Eva and I were playing some Wii games and then switched over to XBox all on the same TV (They also have the Wii U and Playstation 3). The GameTruck can seat up to 16 kids on overstuffed leather seats along one wall of the trailer. In nicer weather the sides of the trailer can be opened up so that parents can watch from the outside. Parents also have the option to remove any titles from the games library that they do not approve of their kids playing. It was a lot of fun.


We had a great time today and want to thank everyone involved.

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