Blogging the Big Buffett Ticket Blitz

This morning Allison, Dan and I went to Filenese for our annual wait in line for Buffett Tickets. We dispersed ourselves among the line and got our tickets. My number was 426 the number called was 422, Yeah! That means that everyone after 422 is closer to the front of the line. I gave the ticket to Dan and headed back to the house to get tickets online.

Blasted Ticketmaster, may you wait forever and then tell you that since you have two sessions open you can’t buy tickets. Evil I tell you Evil!!!! Is it my fault that I want to get tickets for both days and there is no option to buy tickets for both days. I tried every single number combination on each day and now luck! Arrgh!

Arrgh! I was not able to get tickets online from ticketmaster. I hate them and their crappy system! And their high fees and crappy service.

Allison and I saw this great license plate on our way to Filenes. Except it was a New Hampshire one.

Update: Dan was 3rd in line and only able to get ONE ticket!! One ticket. How can such a thing happen. The ticketmaster system is terrible!

Update 2: Well come to find out there were at least 3 other concerts being sold this morning at 10:00am. Ticketmaster logic, also crappy. And when Dan got in to get the tickets, which was 10:25 because the first two people in line screwed it up for everyone else in line. Here is how you screw it up for everyone else in line.

1. Make sure your head is directly up you ass. *Important step.
2. Try and pick a specific location in Tweeter for your tickets.
3. Argue with the genius running the ticketing machine.
4. Have the wrong form of payment.
5. Argue more.
6. Complain.
7. Walk out with the only 8 tickets sold at this Filenes.
8. Complain more.
9. Hopefully get smacked by Karma in the near future.
(Okay not really one of the steps but I’d certainly like to see it.)

So you can see that because Dan was 3 people after those first two morons he wasn’t getting any tickets, not to mention that the guy in front of him was getting tickets for U2 and not Buffett and also the Ticketmaster said that they took Discover, and American Express but when Dan went to pay they told him that they didn’t take those cards. People! Get your stories straight!

Buying Buffett tickets should be like waiting in line for soup from the soup nazi.

1. Walk up to counter.
2. Say, “8 Tickets, either day, any section, anywhere.”
3. Present Payment
4. Retrieve tickets from mouth breather at register.
5. That’s it!

Rant Over.
So we are looking for Buffett tickets now. And any good parrothead will not try and make a profit on them by selling them to us.

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