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Allison is a very, very busy writer. She doesn’t blog that much because she is actually keeping the written word alive by writing letters and cards to people. She won’t brag about it but I’m proud of her because she dedicates her time to writing to cancer patients as part of Chemo Angels. Because of that she writes to her Angels a couple of times a week. This means that she needs a lot of Note cards, or at least that is what she tells me. So, when I had the opportunity to receive 12 beautiful Note cards to use I jumped on that chance.

The cards I received were from Susan Lalich who is a Culinary Artist. She is both a Chef and a photographer and her work makes for some beautiful, whimsical and quirky notecards. The cards are available for purchase through and soon Susan will be launching her own site

The cards I received were of heavy cardstock, perfect for nice long messages or a short note. I’m sure that whoever receives notes from Allison in the future will love both the inside and the outside of those cards. Blue Egg Photography will also be adding additional stationary sets plus large and small canvases. Be on the lookout for Blue Egg Photography when it launches.

Blue Egg Photography Note Cards

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  1. Jamie says:

    Wow, some really great imagery, it is amazing how regular everyday pictures can tell you so much. I was wondering some good sites to get some tips and have been looking at your site and some educational videos on Howcast

    Wondering if you can suggest a few other resources??

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