Well at least I hope Bob over at Bob Meets World decides to give me his Nintendo DS Lite. You see Bob is a master at contests and link generation. He is the man behind the Feed my Feed link wagon. I signed up for that and have gained many new blogs to read and have found more people reading this blog. So the link exchange is a success in my book. Bob always has some cool stuff on his blog like funny videos, contests and fun activities. If you happen to Stumble Upon Bob and his site you will find some great stuff to read.

So why should I get the Nintendo DS Lite. There are two Transformers Games that will be coming out for the DS Lite and supposedly they will interact with the Transformers Game that is coming out for the Wii. And I love me some Transformers. I even found the Game Trailer for the new game online. It is so cool to hear Peter Cullen’s voice as Optimus Prime again. Frank Welker is voicing Megatron. This game looks awesome.

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