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Yesterday when I went to the North Attleboro Animal Shelter I learned about BooBoo & Bo. The animals at the Shelter usually are named for the street where they are picked up. So you have many with M names and C names and all these other names. But These two BooBoo & Bo were named, I think for the special circumstances of their discovery. The story is pretty amazing and I’m going to post it right here:

“Here is the story of Boo Boo and Bo.

Bo & Boo Boo

On Weds night, July 2nd we got a call for two stray kittens, no other info was given. The police had called us about them. The family met us at the shelter. They had two filthy kittens in a box with towels. Covered in dirt and grime, tar etc. We set them up in a clean cage and watched while they devoured the kitten mash we gave them.

Then, we got the whole story. Somewhere, during one of four stops, these two kittens had climbed up into a spot above the rear tire of the pick up truck. This was not inside the bed of the truck. There was a rusted hole, directly above the tire and that’s where they were found. The man had stopped in Stoughton, Canton, driven Route 128, and made two stops at relatives in North Attleboro.

It wasn’t until the fourth stop when his daughter got out of the truck that they heard meows. They looked under the hood, in the engine, then walked around the truck following the sounds of the meows. Finally, they were found.

Early the next morning they went to the vet. The little boy “Bo” had some road rash on a couple feet, not a lot, some worn toe nails, and a lot of grime. “Boo Boo” had her left foot covered in tar, grime, dirt etc. It was all caked on, and hard. We gave her fluids, then were advised to do as many warm soaks as possible to get the foot cleaned gently. BooBoo and Bo went home with us for the Holiday.

Boo Boo

After numerous soaks through out Thursday, the first Friday morning soak did us under. That was when everything had finally washed off, loosened, softened, whatever- we saw bare bone and cartilage. They were immediately taken to Tufts in Walpole-Holiday weekend-no one else is open then.

These two kits are an inseparable pair, so Bo went along for all of BooBoo’s visits. Friday, Saturday, two visits Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for wet to dry bandage changes, and some cleaning/removal of bones. On the Tuesday visit, the vet thought that they may be able to save the bottom pad of the foot, so Boo would have something to walk on. She would continue to need daily wet to dry bandage changes until Friday, July 11th. These vets and vet techs were awesome with Boo, and a great lady at Tufts agreed to take over their foster care while they needed bandage changes.

Boo Boo & Bo

She can take them to work with her, and she had already been a huge help for us with two other special needs kittens. Now, with all our other animals in the house, it still seems weird not having BooBoo and Bo with us. I visited on July 11th, and will visit again on July 18th, and take new pictures, and also find out how the latest surgery went.

These two tag team kittens have awesome personalities-they kiss non stop, and purr to beat the band. They also love belly rubs, and will lay on their backs, with their front legs past their heads, while you tickle their bellies. Through all the meds, soaks, bandage changes, road trips, new people and places, they continued to be great kits.

Our hope (demand) is that they stay together, as indoor kittens. They still need all the normal vet work, spay, neuter, micro chips etc. I should know more about when they are available after July 18. I think they would do awesome with any of the Bennett family!!

Boo Boo 2

Anyway, sorry this is so long winded-just wanted to give you an idea of just what they have gone through. We don’t know if they climbed in the truck, and rode down Rt 128. I think at some point Boo tried to get out,(while the truck was moving) and that is when her foot got taken off. She has no toes now, they were trying to save them,, but, with every bandage change more bones had to be removed from that foot. She is one of the sweetest kittens that I have ever met! Approx: age now is about maybe 8 weeks.”

The poor little guys have had it rough but they are such good cats it pains me not to rush right out and set up adoption proceedings for them. Four cats in the house and a baby, that would be way too much for us to handle. But aren’t they the sweetest little kitties.

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16 thoughts on “Boo Boo & Bo”

  1. Wow, the new owners should definably get a copy of that story to hang on their wall, that is just so darling, it’s a wonder they hung on for so long during that ride!

  2. Chica,
    I think that they should get a copy of the story as well. Or they can always bookmark this post. I didn’t get the sad picture of poor booboo’s foot when they discovered the bone sticking out, that was awful to see. I can’t believe that the two of them stuck together so closely and survived.

  3. Jenna,
    Yes they really are and it is so hard for me not to adopt them but with the space issues this can’t happen, unfortunately.

  4. I found myself holding my breath as I read about these 2 poor things. They remind me so much of our sweet boy Fritz, who we lost at age 1 to Saddle Thrombus very suddenly in March this year. Their story is just amazing. I wish I could take them in too, but with 3 cats and 2 dogs, our house is pretty full of fur. I hope poor Boo makes a full recovery and they get to stay together. They are so adorable!

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  5. Chris,
    The story of BooBoo and Bo is an amazing one. Now that they are being cared for I think they will have a happy ending to that story.

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