Book Low Tech meets High Tech

I joined and I am very excited to start participating in the program. I learned about from the New Hampshire newspaper The Union Leader. there was a great article about as well as a very prolific Book Crosser. She has released about 2 – 3000 books through the program.

And that is the low tech part, you leave books in place so that people can find the free book. the high Tech aspect of this is that you register the book at before you release it into the wild and you label it as a free book with the BCID the Book Crossing ID. That way when someone finds your book they can go online and add information about where they found it, where the book is now, if they re released it. And all of this is tracked at

If this sounds like a fun thing for you to try then click any of the links to go to my personal invitation page for you. When you sign up the referal name to use is BenSpark.

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